Elders and MKF Leaders

Tim & Janet Johns
Tim & Janet Johns

Tim & Janet Johns –Elders

Dr. Timothy Johns started following Jesus Christ in 1971 during the Jesus Movement. His conversion was powerful and dramatic.
After receiving his BA from Tarkio College in 1975, he married his college sweetheart, Janet.  Janet also received her BA from Tarkio College in music education. A few weeks after their wedding, they moved to Pasadena, CA, where Tim received his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1978.  During his three years at Fuller Seminary, Tim served as a youth pastor.

After graduating from Fuller Seminary, Tim was ordained in the UPUSA denomination. For seven years, he served as a Presbyterian pastor.

In 1985, Tim helped launch a church-planting movement, and was integrally involved in starting seven churches between 1985-1992. This ministry merged with the Vineyard Association of churches in 1990, allowing Tim the privilege of being a Vineyard pastor.

In 1992, Tim & Janet reentered the marketplace by starting a rehabbing business and real estate company. They also joined Gospel For Asia to further the cause of world missions. During this time, Tim completed his doctorate which combined training from Fuller Seminary and Regent University. The title of his dissertation was “Spiritual Family as the Emerging Apostolic Paradigm”.

On September 19, 1999, Tim and Janet started the Rock International “Tribe”, a church-planting family-of-churches. The Rock International “Tribe” has spiritual family in seven states within the USA. The Rock Tribe is also helping launch church-planting movements in other nations like Mexico and Myanmar. Rock International also formed All Nations University to equip leaders, missionaries, and church planters.

Tim and Janet started the Rock Tribe’s first church in the inner-city of Kansas City. That church helped to transform the inner-city by reducing crime and reaching the lost with the gospel. Tim also started a community development corporation called “Rock Solid Urban Impact” which has helped to launch “The Urban Farming Guys” and initiated practical help in the inner-city like neighborhood gardens.

Tim and Janet recently moved to Fort Collins, CO to serve a new church they helped plant in Laramie, WY.  The Johns’ are also planting a church in North Colorado called “Rock All Nations”.
Tim writes training materials that equip the church to transform cities and regions, making disciples that obey Jesus in every area of life.

Tim has been a keynote speaker at numerous churches and conferences. He also consults with church leaders, helping them to improve evangelism and discipleship in the context of small missional communities.

Tim’s passion is the Person of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. He longs to reveal Father’s heart to all people. His mission is to inspire Christ’s Church to be a catalyst of the Holy Spirit which proclaims the gospel, makes disciples of Christ, and transforms cities for the glory of God.

Tim and Janet have two married children and six grandchildren.

Josh & Amy Horak – Elders & MKF Leaders

Joshua Horak was born and raised in Ft Collins, CO.  Josh graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Tourism and Recreation Management while competing as a Division 1 pole-vaulter. He moved to Laramie, WY in 2005 to work full-time for Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM, www.srom.org).  Joshua helped plant a house church in Laramie in 2007 which later came under the government of ROCK International and became ROCK Laramie (www.rocklaramie.com).  Joshua continues to work as a director for SROM and is passionate about the wilderness as a means of intimate encounter with the Living God.  He is the lead elder of ROCK Laramie where he oversees Missional Kingdom Families (MKFs or house churches) and helps disciple and equip the local body to see the Kingdom come over Laramie and the region.

Amy Horak was born and raised in Laramie, WY.  Joshua and Amy fell in love while working a 40 day and 40 night wilderness expedition at SROM and were married in 2008.  Amy is passionate about the nations and spent much of her 20’s living and working oversees doing missions in remote places—including Heidi Baker’s Holy Given Missions School in Mozambique, Africa. Amy actively partners with Josh in leading the local ROCK Laramie body and in raising their 3 daughters, Annika, Adalyn & Alyse. She also has her BA and MA in International Studies and works part-time teaching Spanish at the Laramie County Community College (LCCC).

Together Josh and Amy love Jesus and are committed to seeing the Glory of God spread to the nations through spiritual sons and daughters and revival, restoration and transformation in Laramie and beyond! They love to rock climb, mountaineer and take their daughters on adventures.

Shane & Letha Buller

Shane & Letha Buller – MKF Leaders

Shane and Letha Buller have been married for 13 years and have lived in Laramie for 12 of those years.  They were drawn to Laramie for its beautiful outdoors and the University of Wyoming where Shane obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree.  Shane works for Snowy Range Instruments which specializes in and manufactures Raman spectrometers. This company has been in business for 4 years.

Letha is a registered nurse, and patient care coordinator for the Downtown Clinic in Laramie.  This clinic provides free medical care for residents that are uninsured and low-income.  She is going on in her 11th year there.

Shane and Letha have 2 children: Tayler, age 10 and Ty, age 8.  When the Bullers aren’t working or in school, they enjoy hiking and backpacking in the Snowy Mountains, mountain biking, rock climbing at Vedauwoo, and spending time with the ROCK community.  They have been a part of the ROCK family since 2011, and the past 2 years have co-lead one of Laramie’s Missional Kingdom Families with Bob and Diana Seabeck.  The Father’s revelation in their lives during these past three years has been phenomenal.  God is truth, love and the author of all salvation!!!!

Bob & Diana Seabeck – Elders & MKF Leaders

Bob & Diana Seabeck

Bob and Diana Seabeck are two people with many lives.  Past lives included being single, restaurant hostess, rebellious child, college student, tortilla maker, desperate army enlistee, master’s student, itinerant painter, landscaper, artist, plumber, sculptor, bookmobile driver, print maker, hippie, skier, backpacker, activist, pacifist, and probably more.

We married in 1974 and had two sons, David and Michael. We’re happy grandparents for the first time with another on the way in June, 2015. Bob is a Wyoming native and Diana is a transplant from Tucson. For the past many years, Bob has been a professional artist and Diana is a Speech Pathologist.

Our faith journey in church has been spent in two major denominations. For the past 7 years, we’ve been with Rock Laramie. We believe the Spirit is drawing all people to something not seen in the earth since the days of Paul and Peter.  They’re being drawn to consider the King and His Kingdom and how to respond.  We believe that His plan is to bring His Kingdom to earth in greater and greater measure in all aspects of life.  We also see that our life in our Rock Family, which is becoming larger and more spread over different locations, is a way for us to put the Kingdom into practice here and now with people in an intimate way which calls us all higher.

Mark & Liz Watson

Mark & Liz Watson – MKF Leaders

Mark and Liz Watson have been married for 29 years and have been residents of Laramie since 1997.  Prior to that they lived in various places in Colorado where they originally met and dated in high school which was in Longmont.  Mark is an electrical engineer  with Snowy Range Instruments (with Shane Buller) since 2010 where he designs circuits and software for spectrometers.  Liz is currently unemployed after 13 years of homeschooling her four boys.  She finds herself ministering to other women of all ages and enjoying her crafts.  Mark and Liz have recently entered into the local square dancing community and completed the first level of classes.  Mark and Liz have four young men, Dan age 26, Steven age 24, Matt age 18, and Tim age 15.  Dan has recently moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a career as a chef while Steven is in Missouri where he serves as a sheriff’s deputy.  Matt is finishing up high school by taking classes at LCCC and UW while Tim is enrolled  at Laramie high school as a sophomore.  The whole family enjoys having the mountains close where they can hike, climb, snowboard and play in the snow. For the last 2 1/2  years Mark and Liz have  co-lead one of Laramie’s Missional Kingdom Families with Jess and Andrew Arnold.  Over the last four years with the Laramie Rock Tribe they have really come to understand what  a true Spiritual FAMILY is and  have come to love theirs.

Aaron & April Bateman – MKF Leaders


Aaron and April Bateman have a passion for the Lord and a passion for people! Their house is always open and they love having company and hosting parties! They have been married 10 years and have 3 boys, Josiah 8, Gabriel 5, and Zachariah 2. Aaron works as a shop foreman at Independent Heating and Sheet Metal, fabricating air duct for commercial HVAC, and has been there for 16 years. He is reliable and hard working. He loves the outdoors, cycling, camping, canoeing and hunting. April has a home daycare and takes care of 3 little boys on top of her own. She loves working with children and enjoys putting together the Kids Program for our tribal gathering every year. She loves company, the outdoors and games! April and Aaron have been working in children’s ministries for over 12 years. They both have a big heart for children! They have been a part of Rock Laramie for 8 years and believe deeply in family, spiritual and natural, and look forward to seeing the spiritual family grow!

Jake & Brittany Marlow – MKF Leaders


Jake and Brittany Marlow got married and moved to Laramie in 2011. After a year and half of church hopping, they discovered ROCK from some Solid Rock Outdoor Ministry (SROM) instructors. Their first experience was at Mark and Liz Watson’s house in October 2012 and it has been sweet love ever since. They now lead a Missional Kingdom Family with Andrew and Jessica Arnold. Jake leads worship for corporate services and Father’s House of Prayer. Both Jake and Brittany both have a passion to serve and love people. They enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and backpacking and love to introduce new people to these sports. Brittany also loves horses and goats, but Jake is still on the fence about that.

Derek Cook – MKF Leader

Derek Cook first visited Laramie in 2008 for a backpacking course with SROM, and moved here from IMG_3306Kansas City, Missouri in 2014. He has a passion for authentic expressions of God’s love both within and outside of the church. He has a heart to jump in and serve wherever needed, and enjoys meeting new people and people from other cultures. In his spare time he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, and sharing good meals with friends. Derek is currently serving as a Missional Kingdom Family leader alongside Josh & Amy Horak.



11081286_10205886777756027_2433549543460516018_nAndrew & Jessica Arnold – Elders & MKF Leaders

Andrew and Jessica Arnold are Elders and MKF Leaders. They have 3 children: Isabel, Sara and Flynn. Andrew is the Executive Director of Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM). Jessica is a teacher at Snowy Range Charter School.