How to Get Involved

How to get involved:

To learn more about getting involved please contact us at

Generally the steps are as follows:

  1. Come to a corporate gathering. Our once a month corporate gatherings are generally held the last Sunday of the month (Corporate Gathering Schedule) at the Quadra Dangle (3905 E. Grays Gable Road Laramie, WY 82070) and are open and welcome for all.
  2. Meet with a ROCK Laramie leader to dialog face to face and have the opportunity to hear your heart as well as orient you a little about our community.
  3. Attend a 12 week orientation class to lay the foundation for our core values, teachings and community guidelines.
  4. Join a Missional Kingdom Family (MKF) and get plugged in with a DNA. This can be done simultaneously with step 3.